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In this Howto we would like to show you how to use the "Voice Prompt" function of our DECT M-Series headset "A190".

Here is a picture of the headset with a description of all buttons and functions.

To learn more about the basics of the A190 headset, please look here: A190 - Basics.

Menu structure.

  • Silent mode: Silences the ringer when enabled. Does not affect the stored value of ringer volume.
    • On
    • Off
  • Language: Two languages are available on the headset. English and another language, selectable for the user.
    • English
    • Native
  • Registration: Access code (default “0000”).
    • Register
    • Deregister
  • Audio feedback: Choose between beeps or voice prompts (where available) as user feedback. Where no voice prompts are available, beeps will be played, and this setting is ignored. The menu will always use voice prompts.
    • Voice prompts
    • Beeps
  • Tone Protection: Automatic protection against loud noises and protection from too high-volume settings with prolonged use of the headset.
    • Off
    • Office
    • Quiet
  • Noise reduction: Enable or disable digital noise reduction.
    • On
    • Off
  • Equalizer: Choose between three different equalizer settings.
    • Normal
    • Bass
    • Treble
  • Auto mode: Automatic hook on when headset is removed from charger on incoming call.
    • On
    • Off
  • Silent charging: The headset makes no call indication (neither ringer nor LEDs) while cradled.
    • On: LED indication only while cradled.
    • Headset Deactivated: Appear disconnected, cannot receive calls while cradled.
    • Off: Normal mode w LED and audio while cradled.

Navigation within the voice menu:



AUX FUNCTIONEnter Menu mode / Select itemExit Menu mode2 seconds
VOLUME+Next item

VOLUME–Previous item

To be able to configure the A190 using the voice menu, please follow the instructions below.

  • First press the "AUX" button to enter the top level of the voice menu. The first menu item will be read to you is: "Silent mode".
    Attention, you are not yet in the submenu "Silent mode".
  • You can either enter the submenu "Silent mode" by pressing "AUX" again, or you can navigate to another menu item by pressing "VOLUME+" or "VOLUME-" buttons.
  • You can expand the menu structure at the top. The menu is structured from top to bottom, i.e. you navigate from the first menu item "Silent mode" down to the other menu items.
  • So if you want to change the menu item "language" below "Silent mode", you have to press "AUX" first to enter the menu, then "VOLUME+" (to move down one item) and then "AUX" again to enter the submenu. With each step you take, you will hear a message telling you where you are and what your current status is.
  • To save the changed function, press "AUX" again. You will hear the announcement of the selected item/status again.
  • To leave the voice menu you can either press the "AUX" button for 2 seconds or wait until the headset leaves the menu by itself. Either way, a beep will be heard to indicate that you have left the menu.

Example: Switch off Voice Prompt:

To deactivate the voice prompt function, you must complete the following sequence.

(The respective audio output is marked with an arrow →.)

  • Press AUX
    -> "Silent mode" voice prompt
  • press Volume +
    -> "Language" voice prompt
  • press Volume +
    -> "Registration" voice prompt
  • press Volume +
    -> "Audio Feedback Voice" voice prompt
  • press AUX
    -> "Audio Feedback Voice" voice
  • press Volume +
    -> "Audio feedback beep" voice prompt
  • press AUX
    -> "Audio feedback beep" voice prompt
  • Press & hold AUX for 2 seconds (beep will confirm that menu was quit) or wait until beep confirms settings saved and headsets quit menu