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  • A190 - Basics


The A190 Headset is a device of the DECT M-series. You can attach it to any DECT Base (M300, M700 & M900) as a standalone handset or pair it to another handset.
This page is intended to give you first impressions of the operation and functions of the A190.

Headset Keys:

LED indicators

GREENShort blink followed by long blinkPower Up
GREENLong blink followed by short blinkPower Down
BLUEShort blink repeated fast.Registration, ongoing
BLUELong blinkRegistration completed
REDLong blinkRegistration failed

BLUESingle short blink, repeated slowIdle, Connected
REDSingle short blink, repeated slowIdle, Out of range
GREENFast, short blink, repeatedIncoming call
GREENFast, short blink, repeated

2nd Incoming call, call active, Silent mode on


Single short blink. Notification of call only via audio in HS

2nd Incoming call, call active, Silent mode off
GREENSingle short blinkIn call
REDFast, short blinkLow battery*
REDSteady onBattery charging, low bat
GREENLong blinkBattery charging
GREENSteady onBattery charging, full
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