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As of version 450B5, it is possible to hide specific sections of the handset menu.

  • Here are the settings that you can provision, for example for the M65 (default value is off, meaning don't hide) :

    <pp_menu_hide_cfb type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_cfb>
    <pp_menu_hide_cfna type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_cfna>
    <pp_menu_hide_cfu type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_cfu>
    <pp_menu_hide_dnd type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_dnd>
    <pp_menu_hide_hide_number type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_hide_number>
    <pp_menu_hide_silent type=M65>off</pp_menu_hide_silent>


  • For example, to hide call forwarding options for all M65 handsets:

    <pp_menu_hide_cfb type=M65>on</pp_menu_hide_cfb>
    <pp_menu_hide_cfna type=M65>on</pp_menu_hide_cfna>
    <pp_menu_hide_cfu type=M65>on</pp_menu_hide_cfu>


  • After provisioning the changes, reboot the handset to apply the new menu.