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Snom M900 supports from the Firmware Version 510B1 XML Based contexts, which can be configured for the handsets.

The built-in XML Browser (Minibrowser) can interpreted different XML Files, which are extending the functions of the phone with a custom designed one. Such  XML Files may contain either Menu, Phonebook or Input for further processing. This Files are stored on an HTTP Server where the base station can access them.

In a Multicell environment the XML File is fetched by the Base Station where the Handset is currently registered.

Configuration of the XML Server on a Base Station

  • Configuration is placed under the main Menu "Central Directory", as Location choose XML Minibrowser Server

  • Configure Filename and Server according to your environment.
    The configured Filename will be the first file which is called by the Handset once the user presses the middle button on the Handset.

Further options

By enabling the followings the Base Station will append these fields as URL Parameters to every HTTP GET Request.

Add Handset Idx to URL IDX:

Handset idx is a numeric number, which represents the Handset and the SIP account which belongs to it. This can be also obtained from the "Extensions" menu.

Add Handset IPEI to URL IPEI:

The IPEI of the Handset as shown on the picture above.

Add Extension of the Used Handset to URL EXT:

The configured SIP Extension.

Add MAC Address of Base, Handset is Connected to MAC:

The MAC contains the MAC Address of the Base station, where the Handset is at the moment of the request is connected to.

Add MAC Address of the Primary Base (if Cell is chained) to URL PMAC:

Address of the Primary Base Station. This represents the actual situation in multi cell system.

Add MAC Address of the Base with Download Permission to URL DLMAC:

MAC of the Base that would have permission to download configurations (If a chain of bases exists).

Example HTTP Request


Sample XML Files


    <Title>MB Snom</Title>
            <Name>MenuTest 1</Name>
                <Name>Global Phonebook</Name>
                <Name>User Phonebook</Name>

Such MenuItem refers to another Minibrowser XML document, which can load another menu (as submenu) or phone books like in the example above.


    <Name>Name 1</Name>
    <Name>Name 2</Name>

The given text between the name tags are displayed on the handset and the number in the telephone tag will be called.


    <Title>INPUT Snom</Title>

A complete description of InputFlags can be found on the Snom Service Hub, SnomIPPhoneInput.

The value will be transferred to the server with an HTTP/1.1 GET Request using the argument value.