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If you use one or more expansion modules for your D3XX or D7XX series desk phone, it may happen, even directly after connecting the first one, that the expansion module requests a firmware update. On this page we show you the manual update way via the phone with a D7. The following link leads you to the other possibilities to update an expansion module: : How to update firmware on a D3, D7 Expansion Module - UXM


The Extension module can be upgraded from the phone directly.

This upgrade is allowed and works only, if only one D7 is connected to the phone and that module is powered by the phone directly.


If you use more than one Extension modules, please disconnect all and update one by one by connection one each after another.

Step by step guide:

The phone displays a message, if the Extension module requires an update it is shown on the display.

To do so, please navigate into the Telephone Menu, 

  • Select "Information".

  • Select "Status Info".

  • Select "D7 needs Update", press OK

  • Now the display shows the information about the update.

  • If you now press the F1, which is the first button below the display from the left, the upgrade procedure will start.

  • Once the upgrade is done, the Extension (UXM) modul will boots up and ready to be used.