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The D7C's high-resolution color display provides a great customization opportunity.



The easiest customization method is by selecting a theme on the host phone, the theme will then automatically sync to the D7C.
See the ui_theme setting for more information. The Light, Dark, Colorful, and Industrial themes respectively:

Light Theme Dark Theme Colorful Theme Industrial Theme


Another highly visible customization on the D7C, is setting a custom background image. See the setting expansion_module_background_image for more information.

The background for the D7C should be 480 by 1280 pixels, and the file size should be below 2MB.

The theme backgrounds are overridden by the custom background.  Selecting the right theme can still be useful to help with legibility:
For example, this nature picture makes reading the text quite hard, selecting the Industrial theme already helps:


Instead of selecting themes, the color palette can also be tweaked. Each element of the D7C display has it's own color value:

See the following settings:

And for when the function key is pressed:

Text Size

The size of the Main- and  Subtext can be configured:

Please note, if there is not enough space to show both the Main text and Subtext, only the Main text will be shown.

For more information see the following settings

Text Alignment

The text alignment can be changed to left or right:


For more information see:

Customizing Function Keys

To customize the function key content please look at: