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For almost every issue it is important to see what the phone is processing. Therefore the Snom phone will provide those informations via Syslog.

With different log levels, you will be able to have a very complete analysis feature, standardized globally.                   

Syslog Server

Short definition: A service which receives log messages from endpoints, i.e. IP phones and lists them in a human readable way. The standard transport method is UDP and port 514. The information sent by endpoints are called event notification messages.

How to setup a Syslog Server

Depending on your Operating System in use, you might already have an application at hands. Here is a short list of available tools:

Syslog Server on Linux

Most of the Linux distributions are offered already with a syslog server bundled. Usually the default Syslog configuration doesn't allow to receive logs from the network. Refer to your Linux distribution or syslog daemon how to enable the network listening and how to configure the service

Syslog Server on Windows

Cloud Solutions

You may also consider to use some hosted / cloud service to collect your Syslog messages. Just some examples here:

Configure the phone

  1. By default the Snom phone is not sending its Syslog messages to an external destination.
    To do so, first raise the log level to the required level: you can do it provisioning the log_level setting or via web interface.
    Use the Web User Interface (WUI) and go to Advanced, scroll down to Debug.

  2. Enter the IP address of the device which is running the Syslog Server, as soon as you "Apply" you should see incoming messages in the TFTPD / Syslog Server

Hint: Setup your PC as a pseudo Syslog for better Wireshark log

If you want to troubleshoot your deskphone or just want to check, if everything works correct, there is a good way to let the Snom Deskphone send every network Data to your PC. There you can log everything in a Wireshark File and analyse it. There are two ways to do so.

  • Go to the Webinterface (WUI) to the Site "Advanced" and scroll down to "Debugging" as seen above and enter the IP Address of your Computer in the "Syslog Server" field.
  • The other way is to add just one line to you to your provisioning file.
    <syslog_server perm="">192.168.xx.1/</syslog_server>
    Please change the IP to your local PC.