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Snom phones with version 8.x show a dark screen with the text DND when Do not disturb is on.

The Snom D785 and D385 run firmware version 10.x, and in version 10.x this screen is not there by default. You can however implement this with some simple steps.

  1. Click on Action URL settings. Enter the following:

    1. DND on: http://user:pass@

    2. DND off: http://user:pass@

      Please replace user:pass with the HTTP username and password of your phone. If you are using a local HTTP server, you also need to replace "" with your local link.
  2. Click on Preferences -> Appearance, and set "Background Color" to "242 242 242 50". This will change the transparency of the background in order to see the DND image behind it.
    Now the custom image should get set whenever you enable DND, and then it will be cleared when you disable DND: