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For Snom phones there are a variety of cordless headsets that are compatible with Snom phones.

Here in this compatibility list you will find a list of all currently tested headsets.

If you cannot find the headset you are looking for, please write an email to us: and ask us.

There are basically two methods of using a headset with your snom desk phone:

  • By means of our EHS by cable
  • Via Bluetooth.

EHS - Electronic Hook Switch

  • The EHS is available as an accessory for all non-Snom and most of Snom's own headsets, with the exception of our latest headset, the A170, which already contains an EHS in its charging station.


  • You can connect any compatible headset directly to your Snom phone via Bluetooth, unless it does not have Bluetooth support. In this case you can usually use the Bluetooth dongle that comes with your headset, regardless of whether it is a snom headset or from a third party.