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Usage details:

  • The arguments must be of integer type. There is no decimal point for arguments.
  • Arguments are separated by colon.
  • If only one argument is given, the argument will be transferred as end value. The loop will start from one to end value with step of 1 (or -1 if end value is lower than one).
  • If two arguments are given, the first argument will be transferred to the start value and the second one to the end value. If the start value is lower than the end value the loop will have a step value of 1. If the start value is higher than the end value the loop will have a step value of -1.
  • If three arguments are given, the arguments will be transferred to start, end and step values respectively. The sign of the step value will be modified based on the comparison of start and end value.
  • If the step value is bigger than the difference between the start and end values, the callback will only return the start value
  • Be careful for the syntax when using another callback as argument. For example: $(enum:$(max_registrations)) or $(enum:$(set:vol_speaker_mic))

Here are some argument examples:


Example code:

	<repeat values="$(enum:4)" token="|__TOKEN__|">
		<MenuItem name="__TOKEN__"></MenuItem>