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Usage notes:

  • See also http://phone_ip/minibrowser.htm?show=RENDERED_XML when running example code for sel callback result.
  • sel Value is the id of the menu / menuitem where the cursor is located
    • Into the RENDERED_XML phone web page: this will actually show the actual menu / menuitem id when you refresh the page
    • In PUI (phone display): it will only show the first menu / menuitem id, when it is not in the first menu / menuitem
  • lastsel Value is the id of the last menuitem id where the cursor in the last menu located. As example when you change from first menu to second menu the lastsel callback will return id of the menuitem in first menu, where the cursor was last located.

Example code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SnomIPPhoneMenu track="yes">
<Menu name="l1menu1" id="l1menu1">
<MenuItem name="l2mi1:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m1mi1"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi2:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m1mi2"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi3:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m1mi3"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi4:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m1mi4"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<Menu name="l1menu2" id="l1menu2">
<MenuItem name="l2mi1:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m2mi1"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi2:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m2mi2"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi3:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m2mi3"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi4:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m2mi4"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<Menu name="l1menu3" id="l1menu3" >
<MenuItem name="l2mi1:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m3mi1"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi2:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m3mi2"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi3:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m3mi3"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>
<MenuItem name="l2mi4:$(sel),$(lastsel)" id="l2m3mi4" sel="true"><Url>snom://mb_nop</Url></MenuItem>

Instruction example for example code:

  1. Select first menu (l1menu1)
  2. Move the cursor to fourth position and select it using the OK button
  3. Press X twice (go back to first layer)
  4. Select l1menu2