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In order for this callback to work, the phone must have a WLAN USB Dongle attached and WIFI must not be disabled. See also Setting up WLAN Connection on Snom Deskphone.

This callback returns a list that can be used in a Repeat tag. The number of tokens for the elements in this list can vary in different firmware versions, and using the wrong number of tokens in the Repeat can cause the phone to crash. For this reason, it is essential to test this callback first before using it in production and after every firmware upgrade.

The following example should only be used in firmware versions >=

Example: scans for available WIFI SSIDs and returns them as a list for use in a Repeat Tag, which then fills in MenuItem lines. The test for FEATURE_PUI_STYLE_SIO is needed because depending on this the number of tokens can vary.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<If condition="$(show_feature:FEATURE_PUI_STYLE_SIO)">
        	<Repeat values="$(wifiscan)" token="/__SSID__/__QUAL__/__AUTH__/__ENC__/__MAC_ADDR__/__BITRATES__/__FREQUENCY__/">
				<MenuItem name="__SSID__ | __QUAL__% | __MAC_ADDR__"></MenuItem>
        	<Repeat values="$(wifiscan)" token="/__SSID__/__QUAL__/__AUTH__/__ENC__/__MAC_ADDR__/">
				<MenuItem name="__SSID__ | __QUAL__% | __MAC_ADDR__"></MenuItem>

Result on D735:

Result on D315: