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The phone can be controlled using Minibrowser with fragment commands that are appended to any URL.

The fragments can be called using special schemes called “snom://” (or “phone://”) combined with a special path mb_nop or mb_exit.

It is possible to have multiple fragments in one URL combined with ‘&’ (don’t forget to escape it as & according to xml rules).

Here are the currently available fragments. Click on each fragment to see example usage: 

Fragment NameDescription
setcacheCaches a setting value
flushFlush cached setting values
clearcacheClear cached setting values


Go back to top of the history stack
clearvarClear all variables
menuJump to a menu
next_edit_modeSwitch to the next edit mode of the system
selPre-select an entry in a list
reloadsetReload the settings
setSet a setting
subA fragment to jump between main elements within SnomIPPhoneBatch
togglesetToggle a boolean setting
varSets a variable
action_ifcPerform an action via a module
applylineApply changes to an identity
keyFires the given key
numberdialDials a number
rebootReboot or reset the phone
reregisterRe-register an identity
unregisterUn-register a phone identity
var_ifcSet a module variable
mjpgStart a Motion Jpeg video
mjpg_stopStop a Motion Jpeg video
calllistclearClear the call lists