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Valid argument: number from 0 to last number before phone max registration, or -1 to re-register all identities

The index used here is different (one less) than the index used in the Web Interface: in the Web Interface the index starts with 1 and the index for the register fragment starts with 0. For example to re-register identity 4 (from the Web Interface), the phone can use URL http://mb_nop#reregister=3.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <MenuItem name="Reregister all">
        <Url track="no">snom://mb_nop#reregister=-1&amp;go_back</Url>
    <Repeat values="$(enum:$(max_registrations))" token="|__REG__|">
        <MenuItem name="$(user_displayname:__REG__)">
            <Url track="no">snom://mb_nop#reregister=$(math_eval:__REG__-1)&amp;go_back</Url>

Result for a phone with 2 identities: