Page tree

Select an option with given ID in a Menu. If used alone, this fragment will work for the MenuItem under the Menu, which is located directly under the main element. But if combined with the menu fragment, it can be used to reach deeper levels of MenuItem.

Example: jump to m2m1mi3

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Title>sel example</Title>
    <MenuItem name="go to m2m1mi3" id="m1mi0"><Url>snom://mb_nop#menu=/SnomIPPhoneMenu/*[@id="m2"]/*[@id="m2m1"]&amp;sel=[@id="m2m1mi3"]</Url></MenuItem>
    <Menu name="m1">
        <MenuItem name="m1mi1" id="m1mi1"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem name="m1mi2" id="m1mi2"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem name="m1mi3" id="m1mi3"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem name="m1mi4" id="m1mi4"></MenuItem>
    <Menu name="m2" id="m2">
        <Menu name="m2m1" id="m2m1">
            <MenuItem name="m2m1mi1" id="m2m1mi1"></MenuItem>
            <MenuItem name="m2m1mi2" id="m2m1mi2"></MenuItem>
            <MenuItem name="m2m1mi3" id="m2m1mi3"></MenuItem>