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The SnomIPPhoneBatch (or IPPhoneBatch) tag contains a sequence of other main elements (document elements) in order to combine several smaller XML documents in one file.

All but the first main elements in the batch should have an unique id attribute to be selectable. A main element can be selected to be processed by the URI fragment command sub={XPath-step}, where {XPath-step} is an XPath step expression for the level of the batch subelements. Example URL:[@id="example-id"]

By default the first main element in the batch is processed.

Valid Subtags

The IPPhoneBatch can contain all the main tags:


XML Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SnomIPPhoneMenu id="menu">
        <MenuItem name="show image">
        <MenuItem name="go somewhere else">
            <URL>file:///xml/text.xml#var:text=Welcome to Snom!</URL>
    <SnomIPPhoneImageFile id="imageFile">