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Since version, using the minibrowser you can now create an XML file to play a ringtone and display text on the phone. In addition, you can now also press “OK” on the pop-up text dialog which will fetch a URL. You can customize the behavior of the URL being fetched.

The setting for the ringtone and text to be displayed. Insert your text to be displayed under the “<Title>” and “<Text>” tags. The “$(play_phone_ringer:” parameter needs to be inside the “<Text>” tag with an integer value of the ringtone:

<IPPhoneText dtmf="off" id="play_ringtone" state="relevant" stop_auto_leave="true">


<Text>INSERT_TEXT $(play_phone_ringer:)</Text>

For Example:

<IPPhoneText dtmf="off" id="play_ringtone" state="relevant" stop_auto_leave="true">

<Title>Someone Dialed 911!</Title>

<Text>OK to call 911 $(play_phone_ringer:1)</Text>

The setting for the URL that will be fetched upon pressing “OK” on the pop-up text dialog. The value of the “<URL>” tag needs both the localhost IP of the DUT and “URL” parameter with value of the URL you want to fetch:


For Example:


Here is an example XML file for playing a ringtone and displaying text on the phone using a minibroswer. This also contains the setting for fetching a URL when the user presses “OK”. For using this example, replace YOUR_TEXT, YOUR_RINGTONE, YOUR_LOCALHOST_IP, and YOUR_URL with your own customized text, integer ringtone value, your phones IP address, and HTTP path to your URL.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<IPPhoneBatch xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../schemas/minibrowser.xsd">
<IPPhoneText dtmf="off" id="play_ringtone" state="relevant" stop_auto_leave="true">
<Text>YOUR_TEXT $(play_phone_ringer:YOUR_RINGTONE)</Text>

This is the sample output displayed on the phone:

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