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Web User Interface

Advanced - QoS/Security (Tab) - Security(Section)__Administrator Password

Phone User Interface

Snom300: Navigation Key Down - Configuration
Snom320: Navigation Key right or press "Settings" - Configuration

Initial Firmware Version


XML Configuration

<admin_mode_password perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</admin_mode_password>


This setting is accessible when the phone is running in administrator (admin) mode.  When the phone is running in user mode (i.e., many settings are not available), you need the admin PW to switch the phone to admin mode. This setting requires confirmation (see Settings/admin_mode_password_confirm).

Starting with the phone will use the webserver_admin_password (or http_pass if the phone type does not have a webserver_admin_password setting) whenever admin mode password is required as long as no admin_mode_password has been configured.


We recommend that you replace the default admin PW by an individual one; if you do not, an unauthorized third party with access to the phone could set an admin PW unknown to you. In such a case, you would no longer be able to switch from user mode to administrator mode.

If you set your own admin PW, be sure to write it down and store it in a secure place. If you lose your admin PW, you will not be able to return the phone to admin mode without a factory reset of all values.

Valid Values

#Numbers of unspecified length, e.g. <1234>
#character strings of unspecified length, e.g. <nhcndeve>
#Special characters of unspecified length: ".","+","@",":",",","?","!","-","_","/","(",")",";","&","$","*","#","<",">","","","="
#mixture of 1), 2), 3) of unspecified length

Default Value


Before the version the default was 0000