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Web User Interface

Advanced → Behavior (Tab) → Phone Behavior (Section) → Auto Dial Timeout (since 10.1.26)

Phone User Interface

Settings → Call Features → Outgoing Calls → Auto Dial

XML Configuration

<auto_dial perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</auto_dial>


When a value is set, the phone will dial the number on the display after the specified number of seconds has elapsed since the last digit was typed. 

When a value for auto_dial_target is also set (e.g., phone number, IP address), the phone will trigger either a warm or hot dial attempt.

If the value for audio_dial is 3 or higher, then a warm dial attempt is made. A Warm Dial attempt means that if the user does not enter any number once he picks up the handset, within the specified duration in auto_dial, the phone will automatically dial the number specified in auto_dial_target.

If the value for audio_dial is smaller or equal 2, then once the user picks up the handset, presses the speaker key, presses the handset key, dials any number or presses any line key, the phone will immediately dial the number configured for auto_dial_target

Valid Values

<off>, <2> , <5>, <10>, <15>
<off>, <1> , <2>, <3>, <4>, <5>, <6> , <7>, <8>, <9>, <10> (starting from
<off>, <1> to <2147483647> (starting from 10.1.26)

Default Value