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Web User Interface

Advanced - Behavior (Tab) - Phone Behavior (Section): Call Completion

Phone User Interface

V10: Press "Settings" - Call Features - Outgoing Calls - Call Completion
Snom360/370: Press "Settings" - Phone Behaviour
Snom820/870: Press "Menu" - Call Features - Outgoing Calls

Firmware Version

V7 - V10

XML Configuration

<call_completion perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</call_completion>


Turning this setting to “on” will prompt the user to activate call completion, if possible, while calling a number (see the CC soft key).

When the called party becomes available again, your phone will be able to automatically redial the number.

CCNR (on not reachable) as well as CCBS (on busy) is supported.

Valid Values

<on>, <off>

Default Value