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Web User Interface

since Web Interface/V8/Identities#SIP - SIP (Tab)__Call Waiting Indication

Phone User Interface

V7 V8
Snom300: Navigation Key Down - Phone Behaviour
Snom320: Navigation Key Right or press "Settings" - Phone Behaviour
Snom360: press "Settings" - Phone Behaviour
Snom370: press "Settings" - Phone Behaviour
Snom820: press "Menu" - Call Features/Incoming Calls
Snom870: press "Menu" - Call Features/Incoming Calls

Initial Firmware Version


XML Configuration

<call_waiting perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</call_waiting>


Call Waiting Indication combines two functions:

  1. "Call Waiting (CW)" can be enabled ("on", "visual only", "ringer") or disabled ("off"). This function allows the phone to receive more than one call at one time.
  2. "Call Waiting Indication (CWI)" If Call Waiting is enabled ("on", "visual only", "ringer") the incoming caller extension is displayed in the lower left corner of the display. A short knocking signal can be heard simultaneously in the background of your current active call indicating another incoming call.

Starting with Call Waiting setting is per identity.

Starting with by disabling ("off") Call Waiting the phone will send 486 "Busy Here" also for Dial screen is active (user lifted the handset or started Dialing from Idle) and the call attempt is started (Invite send, Ringback received etc.) In older versions, CW "off" was only covering established calls.

Valid Values

  • on -> Visual and audio indication of incoming calls that are waiting
  • visual -> Visual indication but NO audio indication
  • ringer -> Audio indication but NO visual indication
  • off -> Disabled and only ONE call can be received and handled at a time

Default Value

for PA1 = on

for PA1+ = off