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XML Configuration

<contact_source_sip_priority idx="INDEX" perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</contact_source_sip_priority>


Indicates in descending priority which SIP headers in the incoming message should be used for Calling Line Identification. The first match is used.  Headers present in the SIP message but excluded from this setting will be ignored (with the exception of FROM, see below).  Tokens are separated by spaces. Valid tokens are:

TokenSIP Header UsedNotes
PAIP-Asserted-IdentityRFC 3325
FROMFrom/ToIf the incoming message is an INVITE the From header is used; if it is a response to an outgoing INVITE the To header is used. This is the header of last resort if no other matches are found and will be used even if not specified in this setting.
CONTACTContactThis is honored only on INVITE requests and their associated response messages (e.g. 18x, 200, ...). On all other SIP requests (PRACK, REGISTER, UPDATE, ...) are ignored.
INFO"From:" entry in SIP INFO  message/sipfrag partsThis is honored only on the mid-session INFO requests (RFC 3420).

This setting replaces the settings ignore_asserted_in_gui and remote_contact_header_field.

Note: Overall source for looking up details which are shown in PUI (by left to right ordered priority) is determined by setting contact_source_priority.

Within contact_source_priority setting, SIP is also a possible option. If SIP information is set/determined to be of highest priority by the phone for looking up the display details, contact_source_sip_priority is used to decide the SIP based info to be displayed as described in the above section.

Valid Values

Any of the tokens listed above, separated by spaces.

Default Value