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Web User Interface

System → Handset Settings → KeyLine Assignments  → KeyLine y → Account

Phone User Interface


XML Configuration



<idx id=”y”>VALIDVALUE</idx>




Assign accounts to KeyLine numbers for all handsets, where y ranges from 1-12 KeyLine numbers.

KeyLine assignments apply to all handsets and desksets registered to the M100 base station.

The KeyLine number is displayed on the handset/deskset when you are on a call or displaying calls in the Call List. The KeyLine number identifies the line number of a call.

Because a maximum of six active SIP sessions are supported across all handsets and desksets, you should only configure a maximum of six KeyLine assignments.

Valid Values

0-8 (Account number; 0 = N/A).

Default Value

1 (for y=1-6)

0 (for y=7-12)