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V8  Starting versions:

XML Configuration

<label_default_text idx="INDEX" perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</label_default_text>


Setting describes what to show as description for a key that has neither its fkey_label setting set nor an XML-description that provides a label. You may define any arbitrary fixed text but note that there are three keywords that allow to insert dynamic information related to the key:

$name      -> on a (shared) line key:
              -> when there is an active call on the key:
                 the remote name (or number if no name is available) is inserted
              -> when there is no active call:
                 -> when context is 'active' and $type is not also included:
                    the key type is inserted
                 -> when context is a specific identity:
                    the local name or number is inserted
           -> on other keys:
              the destination configured on the key is inserted
$type      -> will insert the key type
$state     -> will insert the key state, when applicable (not all keys have states)

Setting with index 0 describes the format of the upper left key on the first D3/D7 attached on phones without self-labeling keys. On phones with self-labeling keys 0 describes the format of the first key on page 1. Related settings: label_state_format

(Setting was renamed from d7_line_when_no_label)

Valid Values

any string

Default Value

$name $state