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V8 / V10

XML Configuration

<ldap_base perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</ldap_base>


This setting specifies the LDAP search base (the distinguished name of the search base object) which corresponds to the location in the directory from which the LDAP search is requested to begin.
The search base narrows the search scope and decreases directory lookup time.
If you have multiple organizational units in your directory (for example, OU=Sales in O=COMPANY and OU=Development in O=COMPANY), but the "OU=Sales" organization never uses AOL AIM, you can restrict the lookup to the OU=Development subtree only by entering providing the following search base: OU=Development, O=COMPANY. Other examples see below.

Valid Values

String such as the following: o=UNIVERSITY OF NEW ORLEANS,c=US

Default Value