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Web User Interface

Advanced -> Audio -> Listen In On Handset

Phone User Interface


Initial Firmware

XML Configuration

<listen_in_on_handset perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</listen_in_on_handset>


When on, a second person can listen in on an ongoing call conducted via USB headset (not RJ9 ! ) by lifting the handset; the microphone on the handset will be muted. When off, lifting the handset during an ongoing call conducted via headset will switch the audio from the USB headset to the handset.

Note: Listening in on the handset is currently supported only phones based on the Broadcom chipset/platform (D305, D315, D345, D375, D385 / D385N, D712, D715, D725, D745, D765, D785 / D785N) and for calls conducted via USB headset (not RJ9 ! ).

Valid Values

on, off

Default Value