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V10: Advanced - Network - LLDP Network Policy Timeout (reboot required)

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XML Configuration

<lldp_network_policy_timeout perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</lldp_network_policy_timeout>


This setting defines the maximum allowable time in seconds, between LLDP-MED/network policy advertisements from the switch. If no LLDP-MED/network policy advertisement (ie. an LLDP-MED containing a network policy TLV) is received during this time, AND phone is currently on a VLAN, discard the old policy, and reboot (ie. fallback/drop-out of VLAN).

Valid Values

integer value (seconds)

Note: value should always be > than LLDP advertisement interval on the switch (otherwise phone will timeout early when on VLAN, and initiate reboot), and < DHCP lease interval (otherwise DHCP will reboot the phone early when taken off the VLAN - and LLDP settings file will NOT be removed prior to reboot).

Eg., with LLDP advertisement interval of 30s on switch, and default lease time of 120s on DHCP server, lldp_network_policy_timeout can be safely set to 90s.

Default Value