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Web User Interface

Advanced → SIP/RTP → SIP → Network Identity (Port) (Reboot required)

Phone User Interface




XML Configuration

<network_id_port perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</network_id_port>


Set a static local port number, which is used to listen for SIP protocol communications via UDP or TCP (when tcp_listen is enabled).

For UDP requests sent by the phone, this setting also defines the source port of the request. This setting does not affect the TCP source port: the outgoing TCP connections will always use a random port.

For setting the local port for SIP protocol communication via TLS see sip_tls_listen_port.

Please note that setting the value to 5060 also enables direct IP calls to the IP identity (see also sip_ip_dialin_content_types).

If you want the phone to include an additional Contact: header for the UDP/TCP listener in the REGISTER request enable include_listeners_in_register.

Valid Values

Integer (valid port number)

Default Value