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Web User Interface

Advanced - Network (Tab) - Time (Section): NTP Time Server (Reboot required)

Phone User Interface

Settings -> Network → Advanced → NTP


V8 / V10

XML Configuration

<ntp_server perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</ntp_server>


Specify a list of domain names / IP addresses of the NTP servers here in a space-separated list. If the first server in the list is not available, the phone will try to retrieve the time from next server in the list.

This setting corresponds to DHCP option numbers 4 and 42. If

This setting can't be modified as the value will be retrieved via DHCP. To make the setting manually configurable again remove the option number from the respective list.

Valid Values

IP addresses, e.g.
Domain Names, e.g.

Default Value

Before version
Starting with version