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Initial Firmware Version


XML Configuration

<prov_back_off_timer perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</prov_back_off_timer>


With this setting a repetition mechanism ('back off timer') of HTTP/HTTPS based provisioning requests can be realised, which is using a list of random based growing timeouts. A time value list can be initialised by different formats. Time values are expressed in seconds.

Valid Values

  • '120' the number will be stored to the list as only entry.

  • '3,6:300' a random number between 3 and 6 will be built which is the first entry. This is followed by doubled values respectively. Last entry is the maximum limit (300).

  • '5,10;10,20;20,40;40,80' out of each of the pairs separated by ';' a random number of this range gets calculated respectively.

Default Value


Until firmware version

'empty': old behaviour is enabled 

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