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ModelWeb User Interface


System → SIP Account Management → Account x → General Account Settings → Dial Plan


System → SIP Account Management → Account x → Features → Account → Dial Plan

Phone User Interface


Text Configuration

sip_account.x.dial_plan = VALIDVALUE

XML Configuration (C520, C620, M100, M200 only)


<idx id="x">





Sets the dial plan for account x.

The dial plan consists of a series of dialing rules, or strings, that determine whether what the user has dialed is valid and when the phone should dial the number.

NOTE: Numbers that are dialed when forwarding a call—when the user manually forwards a call, or a pre-configured number is dialed for Call Forward All, Call Forward–No Answer, or Call Forward Busy—always bypass the dial plan.

Dialing rules must consist of the elements defined in the table below.

xAny dial pad key from 0 to 9, including # and *.

Any two numbers separated by a hyphen, where the second number is greater than the first. All numbers within the range or valid, excluding # and *.

x+An unlimited series of digits.

This represents the playing of a secondary dial tone after the user enters the digit(s) specified or dials an external call prefix before the comma. For
instance, "9,xxxxxxx" means the secondary dial tone is played after the user dials 9 until any new digit is entered. "9,3xxxxxx" means only when the digit
3 is hit would the secondary dial tone stop playing.


This represents a pause of a defined time; X is the pause duration in seconds. For instance, "P3" would represent pause duration of 3 seconds.
When "P" only is used, the pause time is the same as the Inter Digit Timeout (see inter_digit_timeout).


This is a substitution rule where the first number is replaced by the second. For example, "(4:723)xxxx" would replace "46789" with "723-6789". If the
substituted number (the first number) is empty, the second number is added to the number dialed. For example, in "(:1)xxxxxxxxxx", the digit 1 is
appended to any 10-digit number dialed.


This separator is used to indicate the start of a new pattern. Can be used to add multiple dialing rules to one pattern edit box.

A sample dial plan appears below.

Valid Values

Text string

Default Value

ModelDefault Value