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Web User Interface

V10:Advanced → SIP/RTP(Tab) → SIP(Section) → SIP Header Warning Codes 

Phone User Interface


Initial Firmware Version


XML Configuration

<sip_header_warning_codes perm="PERMISSIONFLAG">VALIDVALUE</sip_header_warning_codes>


A list of accepted SIP warning codes. This setting is only applicable when the sip_header_warning is "on", otherwise, it is ignored.

Valid Values

List of comma separated codes (between 300 and 399 are supported) . 

For example: 

  • ""                                         -> all codes are accepted, i.e. from 300 to 399.
  •  "325,326,327,328,329,330" -> if you want to accept only codes 325 to 330.
  •  "32*"                                    -> if you want to accept codes from 320 to 329.

Default Value

"" –> all codes are accepted. i.e. The codes between 300 and 399 are supported.


deskphone: If the setting is a Snom deskphone setting