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Web User Interface

ModelWeb User Interface
Servicing → Security → Trusted IP → Allowed IP x
M200Configuration → Security → Trusted IP → Allowed IP x

Phone User Interface


Text Configuration

trusted_ip.x.allow_ip = VALIDVALUE

XML Configuration (C620, M100, M200 only)


<idx id="x">





Enter an IP address or address range for one instance of the “Allowed IP” list. x ranges from 1 to 10.

Entries on the "Allowed IP" list must be specified as IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6). 

Three formats are supported for entries on the "Allowed IP" list:

1. IP range specified using CIDR notation (defined in rfc4632). IPv4 or IPv6 address followed by a prefix; for example,

2. IP range specified with a pair of starting and ending IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, separated by '-' (for example,

    • No space before or after '-'
    • Both starting IP & ending IP have to be with the same IP version
    • Starting IP has to be smaller than the ending IP; otherwise, all traffic will be dropped.

3. Single IP address in IPv4 or IPv6.

NOTE: To ensure WebUI access after configuring Trusted IP, you must include the IP of the Web Browser on the "Allowed IP" list.

Valid Values

IPv4 or IPv6, IP range in IPv4 or IPv6

Default Value