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Web User Interface 

V6: Advanced - Update(Section): Update Policy
V7: Advanced - Update(Section): Update Policy
V8: Advanced - Update(Section): Update Policy

Phone User Interface 



XML Configuration

<update_policy perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</update_policy>


Select the update policy you wish to adopt for your phone. (Only applicable when using mass deployment)

Valid Values

auto_update (“Update automatically”: load settings from settings server, but the user is not prompted to acknowledge the update, means full automatic provisioning)
ask_for_update (“Ask for update”: load settings from settings server and the user is prompted to acknowledge the update)
settings_only (“Never Update, load settings only”: load settings from settings server only, no update is initiated, means update disabled)
never_update (“Never Update, do not load settings”: do not load any settings or updates from settings server at all, means provisioning disabled)
never_update_firm (deprecated since v6.0)
never_update_boot (deprecated since v6.0)

<font color="red">Attention:</font> update_policy affects all downloaded files: with never_update value the phone will not download any files (VPN config tarball, language files, etc..)

Default Value


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