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XML Configuration 

<usb_storage_passphrase perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</usb_storage_passphrase>


The setting holds a pass phrase which is used to encrypt Syslog, SIP-Traces or PCAP-Traces when they are logged to a connected USB storage. Please take a look at the pages of the settings to see how and when the logs are saved to the USB storage. The files are encrypted using an AES 256-bit CBC cipher. The files can be easily decrypted using openssl. You can decrypt a log file which was encrypted by the phone with the following command line:

   openssl aes-256-cbc -d -nosalt -pass pass:<your_pass_phrase> -in <logfile> -out <decrpted_logfile>

You can omit the -pass option and enter the pass phrase when prompted. The command line looks like this:

   openssl aes-256-cbc -d -nosalt -in <logfile> -out <decrpted_logfile>

The feature is available on all 7xx and 8xx phones with a USB port and MeetingPoint.

Valid Values

<on>, <off>

Default Value