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hi, since today i get the message "Not Acceptable Here" if i call anyone. I doesn´t have change anything. With anonther Telefone(another brand) in the same Network i can still do calls.

Now i have updated to the newest firmware. But the problem stays.

What´s the problem herer? Is the telephone defect?



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  1. Hello, 

    This could be due to a codec or RTP encryption used by the other party!

    Without phone settings and a SIP trace of the complete call, however, it is impossible to know!

    Mein Vorschläge sind: 

    1. It could be the case if the PBX doesn't support SRTP and the "RTP Encryption" on the phone is "ON".

      In this case: Please note that "RTP Encryption" is a per identity setting and needs to be disabled on all used identities under: Identity X -> RTP *(TAB) -> RTP Encryption

    2. Check the codec list on the phone and remove the Codec, that is not supported.  In some cases the use of codec G722 causes the mentioned issue!


    Best regards