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The title says it all. Is this already possible?


Philipp Ludwig

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  1. Hi,

    It is, if you enter the handset's menu and scroll down, you will find a setting called "Silent charging", which is disabled by default.

    If you enabled that, the handset will ring (and vibrate, if you configure the vibration) when it isn't charging, while it will be silent while in its charging base.

    Thank you

  2. End user Philipp Ludwig

    Hi, thanks for replying. This is not exactly what I meant however, I would still like the phone to ring when it is sitting in the base. Only vibration should be turned off.

  3. Hi,

    That isn't currently possible unfortunately, and we can only accept feature requests via our ticketing system since they need to be evaluated by our product manager before bringing them to our developers.

    Please raise a ticket on our partner platform if you're a Snom partner or ask your reseller/distributor to do so, that way we can start the internal evaluation process.

    Thank you