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Hi, we sell only to hotels, and are experiencing issues with SNOM handsets (D7xx) where the guest devices are not re-provisioned fully on checkin. ie: using the approved Grandstream GXW4224  gateways, the gateway has no way to receive a single extension update, so only the internal 3CX phonebook will have the guest name. The SNOM handset only updates the phonebook on reboot. Thus when checking a guest in, and updating the internal phone book on 3CX, if the guest calls a SNOM handset, the extension name is out of date (as it is collected from the local phonebook on the SNOM handset). This can result in guests being answered with the wrong name. There is no entry in the SNOM device profile on 3CX to allow this to be changed, and whilst this won't apply for normal businesses, it is vital in hospitality. Please can this be added as an urgent change request, as it will prevent sales in this setup until it is resolved. We have many hotels being converted to Grandstream, and would really like a fully functioning handset for reception.  


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  1. This was raised by a Snom partner and has been converted into a ticket