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Hi all,

iam using some Snom D385 and D335 Phones with a 3CX connected. 

When i conntect them in an environment with a FritzBox the BLF is not working. It shows a grey X and the LEDs are not working.

We crosstested the phones with different networks and its definitely the fritzbox.

Does someone had the same issue in the past and had some ideas left for me?

many thanks


Michael Wolter

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Joined: 05.05.2022

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  1. Hi, some questions:
    the SIP registration and calls works fine?
    The FritzBox is used as router only?
    The 3CX is in cloud?

    We can check what's happening on the phone, for example if the Snom receives or not the replies from the PBX about the subscription.