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3cx 18.9.20. Internal and external calls to ring groups. Once someone answers the call, other phones in the ring group ring 1 more time. It's been pretty consistent. Didn't happen until we upgraded the firmware. I've rebooted phones, switches, firewall, and 3cx server.


Chip Barnett

End user

Joined: 20.04.2022


  1. Gold Partner James Weston

    We are seeing the same issue with Snom D717 and 3CX 18.9

  2. Hi,

    This seems to be an issue with that specific firmware version, we already have some new beta firmware which works as expected: our team is in the process to certify that with 3CX, but I don't have an ETA to share yet.

    If you are a Snom partner please raise a private ticket so we can pass down the beta firmware and you can proceed with a manual upgrade as a temporary workaround.

    If not, please contact your Snom reseller as they should be a partner and able to raise a ticket with us, we cannot share the beta version of the firmware in a public Community thread

    Thank you

  3. Silver Partner Remco Jansen

    Any ETA update on this? Did you already send the new firmware to 3CX?