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Hi. Let's say that I have Snom 300 phone on the local IP address (and I have it for sure).

The phone is connected to Freeswitch PBX, but I'm not sure if this is relevant for my question at all.

In the phone settings, Advanced > Network, "Webserver connection type" is set to "http or https", so I'm understanding this like "both of them should work".

However, I can access the phone web UI from my web browser via (or simply, but I cannot access it via

What should I do for this to work. Should I upload some certificate on phone? What type and where? I would be OK even with browser warning, then advanced, then "Proceed to" or similar, but I cannot access it at all.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Hi, snom300 is a VERY old device (end of sales in 2016). It has a common Snom certificate that could also be expired. If you want, you can add your personal certificate to the phone, but it must be SHA-1 (deprecated). If you want to have access security, I recommend you to replace that phone with a newer model.