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We do operate multiple D865 desk phones and have been reasonably happy so far. They are on the latest firmware release. On one phone, the keys stopped working completely. We can still receive calls (by picking up the receiver) and the display indicates everything 100% correctly. However, no matter which key we press, the phone does not react AT ALL. We tried long-pressing the star-key - as some documentation for other snom phones hinted at a potential keypad lock - but that did not help.

Also rebooting and power-cycling did not resolve the situation. We do have full access via the Web-UI. So the phones firmware seems to run fine.

As these phones are relatively new, I'd be super disappointed if this is a (known) hardware issue.

Any hints?


Ralf Rottmann

End user

Joined: 07.03.2023


  1. Hi,

    If the keyboard was locked, pressing any key would prompt you to confirm if you want to unlock it (with a PIN, if set)

    You can anyway check if the parameter keyboard_lock is set to "on" or "off", you can simply search for that in the Settings List menu of the web interface

    If that is set to "off", as I suspect, the keys aren't locked via software so that shouldn't be the cause of your issue

    We do not have any other similar report on our D8xx series, or any other of our products, and this sounds like news to us

    The first thing that comes to mind is environmental causes (excessive dust or use of cleaning products directly on the keypad for example) but that may not be the cause

    We need a private ticket to investigate this properly, as we may need to get some of these phones back to test them: if you are a Snom partner please raise a private ticket instead of a public Community thread, otherwise please ask your Snom reseller (likely a partner) to do so on your behalf

    If you don't have a Snom reseller and you aren't a partner, please contact our sales team Sales as they will be able to point you towards a partner

    Thank you

    1. End user Ralf Rottmann

      Thanks for the super speedy response, very well appreciated. As per the settings (see below) it appears that keyboard lock is not active, correct? I guess, it's a hardware failure then. The phone is used in an office environment, so there's no unusual dirt or exposure, which could have caused this. We will contact your sales team since we've ordered the phones via amazon (Germany).