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I have a recently installed m80 handset.

it now has the headset icon, not the bluetooth one, showing on the top left of the screen, and there is no audio n or out of the handset

The only way i know to lite up that icon, is to plug a wired headset in the handset port.

They never used a wired headset, and the port seems to be clean of debris.

Is there any other way the handset can get in ''headset mode''

Thank you


Guy Lampron

End user

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  1. Hi,

    The only way for that icon to show up should be an headset connected to the 3.5mm port, please try a reset of the handset Handset reset

    If the icon is still there, it may be an hardware issue with this handset, in that case you could proceed for an RMA with your Snom reseller to get it replaced (if still covered by the warranty)

    Thank you

  2. End user Guy Lampron

    Ok, Thank you.