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Hello, I have a SNOM PA1 paging adapter (firmware version that is used for paging over multicast, and to ring over the paging speakers when calls come in over SIP. We have instances where the ringtone will stop playing for the incoming calls until after the PA1 is rebooted. No other changes are made to the system, and all logs show that the PA1 behaving identically in both instances.

The log with the timestamps 9:14 did not play the ringtone over the speakers, the log with timestamps 9:28 (after a reboot) did ring over the speakers. The PA1 is directly driving the speakers, no paging amp is used.

Has anyone encountered this issue in the past or have any suggestions?


Ben Howard

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  1. Hi,

    We do not have similar reports from the past, and this should always work the same way, if the PA1 is ringing on an incoming call that should always happen if in the same conditions (same configuration, same output, same SIP identity ringing, same caller..).

    The only thing you could check is if the PA1 is actually receiving the call and replying with a Ringing message, you can take a look into the SIP trace, and if that is the case it may be that this device is simply defective.

    Thank you