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I want to set some of the function line keys to 'none' using SRAPS but can't see this as a type option? Has anyone solved this problem? thanks.


Chris Leonard

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Joined: 07.04.2022


  1. Hi,

    you right, the "None" option is missing in the list. You can ask the SRAPS developer to add it by pressing "+1 Request new setting" on the right of the screen.

    Meanwhile you can setup the fkey as generic "Button". 

  2. End user Chris Leonard

    Thanks for confirming Federico, I'll use the +1 request option. The generic button still leaves an icon on the display and I was hoping to remove it all together as the display is easier to read.

  3. End user Chris Leonard

    Just discovered that ReplacementPlan = none on the handset (at least on the SNOM D385s I'm working with!)