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i try it in english now. and hope to get help.

If not, I guess, i have to buy another phone and bring this back to the shop.

I have connected the Snom D735 firmware version snomD735-SIP (same Problem wit snomD735-SIP hardware version1 to a Fritzbox 7590 SW version 7.57. Configuration was quite simple.

Configuration was pretty easy. Apart from login data, nothing changed as far as SIP telephony is concerned.

I have registered 4 numbers. These fail at least once a day. Registration is no longer possible. Access via browser no longer possible.

Only after restarting (de-energising) the phone does everything work again until the next registration problem.

What do I need to supply?

Greetings, Jörg


Jörg Wolf

End user

Joined: 12.02.2024

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  1. End user Holger Möller

    Hi Jörg,

    maybe your provider (Telekom) changed from udp to tls encryption, maybe have a look on your auto-provisioning-settings. I had several issues before tls (hangups and  registration issues, after changing these settings everything worked fine again.