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i look after about 20 telephone devices.

Did your phones (Snom 320/360 or Snom 710/712 use GnuTLS packages ?

Are the phones affected by the vulnerability, as it is described on: with the TAG: GNUTLS-SA-2022-07-07

Thank you.


Karl Heinz

End user

Joined: 10.08.2022


  1. Hi,

    In general they should not be affected, our desk phones use OpenSSL, so you should be good to do.

    Also all the devices you are reporting are in an End Of Life status and we won't be able to offer support anymore, for more information please take a look into the Snom products lifecycle

    Thank you

    1. End user Karl Heinz

      Dear Mr. Gianmaria Tononi,

      thank you for your really very fast and reassuring message.

      And yes, you are right, many of our phones are in use for a long, long time (if we consider the usual lifetime of computersystems).
      Oh, and before i forget the last one of the oldest device is an 190er phone

      the newest one's are D712

      in my list.

      So, I would also like to thank you in particular to your company, because all these device's are very good for our work, so, there was no need for change.

      Stay healthy

      Greets, Karl