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Hi, I can't register the m25 handset that came out of the m325 package. I enter the IPEI code, save, I start recording on the phone, but the association does not occur. Furthermore, after having updated to the latest firmware available, I see messages in the dashboard that I don't understand if they are errors:


alessandro vettosi

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  1. Hi,

    I don't see any error messages in the screenshot you've attached, please try to 

    • Reset the base
    • Create a SIP server
    • Create a SIP extension
    • Do not input the IPEI manually, just select the created extension with no handset and click onto "Register"
    • Now on the handset get into the Connectivity menu and trigger the registration, making sure you're using the correct AC PIN

    The handset should register with its IPEI automatically

    If this doesn't work, we need some files for investigation: please raise a private ticket if you are a Snom partner, or ask your Snom reseller to raise a ticket with us

    Thank you