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  • BSV450B07 (base) HSV450B05 (handset) - Release candidate

Published Date: 15 April 2019

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.



  • after upgrading to version 450BXX the rollback to version 410Bxx or previous is not possible
  • after the base upgrade to 450B07 also handsets must be upgraded to the version 450B05


  • DECT-632: Wrong SIP request URI in Record-Route (strict routing) scenario. This issue is breaking compatibility with 3CX SBC (and other SBCs that require strict routing)

Update via

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 450
  • Required branch: 07 (for the base M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 05 (for the handsets M25 M65 M85)

Binaries download

  • M700  SHA-256: 2e1f4f71a1ee10f7c2c907efa8491bd0733bcf4f0d6f9ea55bacec96d279abad
  • M300  SHA-256: 8be61b5ad39c6ebb53fd429e1d30f6f3f9380723b5e821efec00dc0ed3abbaa0
  • M85    SHA-256: cc8f22654f2faf6f7dc4e14b0168545526e9343506657287d259e521cf766d14
  • M65    SHA-256: 6c07195c9c116d76076be0cf910ccb56e5b791b0f17d26a0cdbcbd0099c73d07
  • M25    SHA-256: ad97f4f9d9df40f7bf75494089682021cf849b72e31e8660d322ffa7af788740