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Published Date: 01 June 2019

To install a new firmware version on a base station and/or handset, please follow the instructions provided in the firmware update guide.


  • After upgrading to version 450BXX or higher the rollback to version 410BXX or previous is not possible.
  • After the base upgrade to 450B11 also handsets must be upgraded to the version 450B11.
  • Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading

How to Update a DECT Device

  • Firmware update server address:
  • Required version: 450
  • Required branch: 11 (for the bases M900 M700 and M300)
  • Required branch: 11 (for the handsets M25 M65 M70 M80 M85 M90)

Binaries download

  • M900  SHA-256: F0FC5D16DEEF9344AAAD46BD0179D412DD38B61B48B1AD12A4EEB3A3A836EC88
  • M700  SHA-256: F16B79BF009326CD839EC56E49785854AF63DD1FEC885B3E6EE7DC0CF4E15D74
  • M300  SHA-256: A101956A2D6DDDFC862727A84FDFDC9CE7302CE0193473375154FC6E411FC8D5
  • M90    SHA-256: AE03D18974D1C5E8AAEB9F49EDE9C0C29EE9FDAAA5CF63EE9B49F44A63645D91
  • M85    SHA-256: F14B034BBA26142BA51F5A21BD4128BEA5037FBC0AB633305CDF1F720F98BCB5
  • M80    SHA-256: C36718449088D3F9D81B72DE33C75C65A7E259D20498AC4B67F3A5B03815BF27
  • M70    SHA-256: 46571DCE7FEE701DFD44DD740F3C3C1B2F761BAAA9D726DB3C86753DA85D7C4D
  • M65    SHA-256: 22C9E204A2F861165A56464226986C0EDC95E9FF8B6F714653AF08A4041FAEF9
  • M25    SHA-256: 9C62C59AE5E82A5ABDBCC2D82EA5888D2BEC623FB3C84728456E7DF7414BFFB4
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